June 20, 2024

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Your Office Desk – Location Options for Office Desk Cabinets

Office desk cabinets need to be properly placed if they are to be used in an efficient manner. Office cabinets need to be well thought out so that they are used for what they are intended. A mismatch between the size and space available in correlation to what is actually put in them equals a waste of office space and also a waste of money as the space your are occupying is not being used effectively.

For example, if you have large ledgers that are also heavy you will need cabinet space that is both tall enough for the ledgers but also in the proper location that they can be easily taken out and replaced when used. If a worker has to drag out a ladder or step stool to get at the ledgers, they will be moving about inefficiently and also risk the chance of falling off the step stool.

So when you design or plan on adding office desk cabinets to your office space you will need to think about their use. A common statement is that form follows function and this also applies to selecting them.

Office cabinets also need to be close to the users. If the worker needs a paper supply that desk cabinet should have storage space to hold some. Personal items may also have to be stored in the cabinets so plan on space for those items.

They may have doors or they may be open. They may go from floor to almost to the ceiling or be situated within a modular office station. They may also have sliding drawers. When you are dealing with doors that open and drawers that open make sure you consider leaving enough space for the worker to maneuver around them when they are open. Also make sure they leave enough room for a desk chair to move about.

Some are used to store secure or very sensitive items. If this is the case make sure the office desk cabinets are made of a strong material with sturdy locks.