June 16, 2024

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WNS Nike Dunk Highs

The latest version of the WNS Nike Dunk High is a fairly recent addition to the popular Nike Dunk stable, joining the likes of the Nike Dunk SB, the Dunk SB Mid and the SB Mid Premium; as the relatively new entrants to the ‘Just do it’ Dunks family. In the short duration of time that I have had the opportunity to use the WNS Nike High, I have become thoroughly enchanted with it.

For starters, as everyone who gets to see the shoes will aver, the shoe is unreservedly flashy – what with the clever employment of highly contrasting color schemes and all ‘symbol-work’ illustrated on the shoe’s surface? It is perhaps for the reason that it is unreservedly flashy that the WNS Nike Dunk High has found such widespread appeal among basketball athletes and skaters, both being categories of people who are known for not fearing to stand out, whether on or off their respective playing fields. It is also for the same flashy display of creativity that the previous versions of the WNS Nike Dunk High have grown to become something of popular collectors items; so that people have actually been known to purchase the shoe, not for its value as a shoe to wear, but purposely for its aesthetic value as a ‘displayable’ piece of artwork for their collection.

The Nike color schemes, as one comes to realize upon closer observation, are not random choices. Indeed, they are based on the color schemes of popular American basketball teams, so that whatever your favorite American basketball team, there is bound to be a pair of WNS Nike Dunk incorporating their team color scheme, and possibly their ‘symbol-work’ in case they have any. Naturally, then, the WNS Nike Dunk comes out best when worn with the matching teams’ ‘uniform’ – to complete the set.

In my particular pair of the WNS Nike High, the color scheme employed is the white and red – all the way from the bottom of the shoe to its top. This red-white contrast, combined with the extensive ‘symbol-work’ depicted on the shoe make for a very conspicuous display, one that makes you way too hard, if not impossible, to ‘just ignore’ when wearing it.

The signature Nike ‘tick’ on the WNS Nike Dunk high, as with most new Nike products, starts on a red patch (at least in my pair’s case) somewhere towards the center of the shoe, and gets elongated to the back of the shoe and all the way to the other side of the shoe. The color scheme employed in the WNS Nike Dunk High conceals the sheer thickness of the shoe’s sole, which when viewed in its wholeness, is quite a thick sole.

The remarkable height of the WNS High, as with most new Nike products, is mostly concentrated around the center of the shoe (reaching a peak height at around the mid point), so that the front-most and back-most parts of the shoe are more or less of ordinary-height – for the comfort of the wearer.