June 16, 2024

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Why eCards Are Essential for Rental Property Marketing

Successful rental property marketing hinges on effectively communicating property details to the right audience. Yet, until recently, few realtors had the graphic design and web programming skills required to make rental properties “pop” online. Fortunately, modern web developers have created a slew of empowering tools for residential and vacation rental marketing. One of the most potent online instruments for rental property marketing is the eCard.

An eCard is a regular digital listing with added pizzazz. To make an eCard, a realtor begins by uploading photos of the property. The next two steps are to select music and animations to convey the property’s personality. Animations may include sparkling glimmers, to show how clean the property is, or falling snow, to show how renters would enjoy a beautiful treed setting, for instance. Lastly, real estate agents can insert additional information in the eCard – rental policies, facility services and nearby attractions could be added here.

As you can imagine, an eCard is far more eye-catching than a regular static rental ad. Below, we explain why eCards work and how they represent a key advance in residential and vacation rental marketing.

1. Wide Distribution Reach

Rental property marketing is all about distribution. Databases, blogs and email campaigns are common methods of distributing rental descriptions. Savvy agents often go beyond these basic placements by maintaining a database of satisfied customers who provide regular referrals. Social media is the newest venue realtors have for rental property marketing, and because social media’s very nature is to make it easy to pass on information, many real estate agents believe that activity on sites like Twitter and Facebook are crucial for success in modern home and vacation rental marketing.

One advantage of eCards is that they are ideal for posting on social media sites. Old-school listings are static – and one rule of social media marketing is that any static components will get fewer shares and likes than interactive, engaging elements. Because eCards include music, animation and plenty of pictures, they tend to get more attention on social media sites and listing websites such as Craigslist.

2. Convey the Property’s Personality

Every apartment has its own personality – when you walk through its halls, or pull up to its facade, you get a unique “gut response” that’s hard to convey with normal listings. eCards, however, can certainly convey personality, a true achievement rental property marketing. Since an eCard incorporates music, multiple pictures and animation, it’s easy to convey a property’s personality. As an example, a walk-up condo in an area with an active nightlife could be paired with piano bar music, while a vacation apartment on the beach could feature soothing sounds of the ocean. Agents can add personality and zing to their online residential and vacation rental marketing listings through eCards.

3. Include Multiple Pictures

More than three or four photographs make a real estate flier look cluttered. Contrast this with customizable eCards, which can feature multiple pictures so as to fully convey each property’s strongest features. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; well, in rental property marketing, multiple pictures are good for a thousand rental agreements.

As you can see, eCards are a powerful tool in any agent’s rental property marketing toolbox. Because eCards include multiple pictures, music and charming animation, they are powerful tools for attracting renters.