July 14, 2024

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Use Garage Door Planning to Assure the Right Fit For Your Car

Use Garage Door Planning to Assure the Right Fit For Your Car

A garage door is a great feature to have in a home that adds a sense of style and convenience. The ability to stroll up the driveway and park the car in the driveway after a long day is relaxing and stress-free because there is no need to look for on-street parking. With so many larger cars and vans on the market, the standard garage size of 9′ by 7′ isn’t large enough to house these vehicles, so homeowners need to consider garage door planning to meet their needs.

Garage doors are not just meant to look attractive and practical-they are designed to be used to store cars and other vehicles for safety and parking ease. The size of the door is essential to the ability to use the garage to store a car, so careful measurements are extremely important. A good plan starts with making sure the door has enough space to accommodate larger vehicles. Large cars are typically squeezed into average garages, so additional garage door space can help to make parking easier.

Some homes have two-car garages that can store average to moderate size cars, which is very helpful for those who own or park additional vehicles at their home. Two-car garages are usually around 16′ by 7′ in width and length, but this still may not be enough space for larger vehicles. Some people may want to consider building a custom door that can be tailor built to meet their needs. These doors are not cheap, but are worth the investment in the long run to provide the space needed for large vans, trucks or other larger automobiles.

Garage door planning not only involves the size of the door but also the look and material used to construct it. Most doors are made from wood that is usually painted the same color as the rest of the home. Some people choose to add some fancy features and details to make the door look more attractive, such as nice architectural details or a border that can be painted or given a slick laminated finish.

Larger, custom-made garage doors are made with a heavier material, such as metal and a strong door opener. This makes it not only easy for a larger vehicle to fit comfortably in the garage, but also for the door to go up and down smoothly. All of the components for constructing a garage door are important to ensure it looks and functions well.

Garage door planning encompasses many details, primarily the size of the car and the measurements needed to accommodate the vehicle. Another factor to consider is whether to install a two-car garage or a custom-made door to fit a large vehicle. If the plan is followed, homeowners can enjoy the style and ease of having a tailor-made garage for safety and convenience.