June 21, 2024

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Tips on How to Choose and Buy the Right Office Furniture

Your employees spend more than eight hours in the office daily. Their comfort and happiness are big factors to consider. An office that is too crowded or chairs that are hard and uncomfortable can make your workers lose their drive and focus. As an employer, you have to consider things like your company’s image, the space and layout, the type of office furniture, stationary, amenities like coffee and biscuits as well as its style and design. Taking these tips into consideration will help make the process easier.

Be clear on what image you want to have

Think about what impression you will be projecting to the client who visits your office. Brightly coloured walls and office chairs might not induce a client’s confidence in a law firm while staid, beige furniture will not be conducive to bringing out creativity to employees of a graphic design firm. You could be serving coffee and biscuits to your client or have a bowl of candy in the reception area. Details like these create the overall ambiance of your work place.

Plan your office layout carefully

Organising the flow of the office is very important as it will maximise the space and cut down the time it will take for employees to go from one area to the other. Think about what departments work closely together and make sure that they are easily accessible to one another. Consider the kind of work that is being done. Workers who spend most of their time in front of the computer or on the phone have different needs from those who need a room to design or build something. Hire a professional if possible. They give sound advice on how you can make your office look sleek, professional and productive.

Look at your budget

One of the steps you have to consider when choosing the right office furniture is whether you want to get brand new or used ones. Both types have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Brand new furniture uses the latest materials and follows the newest design trend. They also come with a vast selection of colours, sizes and styles and replacement parts are readily available. However, new office furniture also comes with a steep price tag and you often have to wait several days from the date of purchase to delivery. Used furniture is good if your office is small and just starting as it is around 25 percent to 30 percent cheaper. Employers can use it for 2 to 3 years and hopefully they have made enough progress to invest in new ones after that time. But this type of furniture might come with small damages and with no warranty. You also do not have enough room to choose what style you want.

Form and function should go hand in hand

The furniture you choose should be functional and look good at the same time. With the wide array of furniture in the market today, there is no reason to choose aesthetically unappealing products. Your office furniture should fit that particular work area seamlessly and with enough room for people to move around and for drawers and cabinets to be opened without hindrance. They should also be functional and have ample storage space so that everything an employee needs is within easy reach. Get ergonomically designed office furniture. Office chairs and tables that are ergonomically designed are comfortable, practical and stylish. They minimise work related ailments that might lead to absenteeism.

There is a large market for office furniture and office supplies these days. Make time to canvass different shops and see what they have to offer. Check out shops that specialise in office furniture as well as those that offer everything office related. These stores can be a real time saver as they have a variety of office furniture in all price ranges as well as essentials like office stationary, pens, folders and other small items that you can buy in bulk. So do your research and invest in the right kind of office furniture for your employees. Remember that a comfortable employee is a happy, focused and productive worker, and the right kind of furniture and amenities like coffee and biscuits will go a long way in keeping your employees happy.