The Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Gemini

The third sign in the zodiac is Gemini. Those born between the dates of May 21st and June 21st have Gemini as their sun sign. The symbol of this group is the Twins due to the tendency of the people under this sign to have moods that change quickly and dramatically- often with little warning. The ruling planet of this sign is Mercury.

The Gemini loves variety and action as these missqgemini things mirror what is going on within them. They have a diverse field of interests but they may be a jack of all trades and master of none. They tend to spread themselves too thin and fail to live up to their initial obligations.

Curiosity is what drives them forward and there is a strong desire to get in as many experiences as they can during their time on the planet. It is hard for them to tie themselves down to any one thing be it a job, hobby or relationship. They are very afraid of missing out on something. In academics, their curiosity spreads across a variety of topics and- while they may excel at collecting bits of information, they might not always have the full picture in mind.

Geminis are born communicators. Their minds are fast and light up when ideas are presented to them. This makes them excellent orators and writers. Extremely aware of what is happening around them, they want to be a participant in that action. If you find yourself put up against a Gemini in debate, you might as well concede defeat. These people have the ability to talk their way out of- and into- any imaginable situation. They are aware of their mental prowess and think nothing of using it against those of slower intellect in a mischievous fashion.

Totally extroverted, the Gemini thrives on having people around them. They may even be afraid of being alone. Their outgoing nature and wit will draw in a wide social group of people that will accompany the Gemini on their varying hobbies and interests. A conservative or indecisive person will turn this type of person off. They don’t spend much time looking inwards (or looking back) and often don’t know what their own motivations or those of others are. Shallowness and superficiality can punctuate their relationships.

Geminis may have trouble maintaining a long term romantic relationship due to their ever changing nature. They aren’t much for mundane acts for the sake of them and dramatic scenes. Freedom tends to call this person even when they are in love but they can ignore the call. The Gemini is known for their altering moods. They can go from being tender and delicate to a dark mood with little warning. They are not above deceptions but try to treat people fairly for the most part. Being questioned by another will turn their blood cold but they will happily grill another person for hours with questions. It comes with the territory of being insanely curious but not very self aware.

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