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Sunny Isles Beach Condominiums

Sunny Isles Beach Condominiums

Searching for Florida condominiums for sale? Is your choice a luxury building on the beach, or at walking distance to the sand? Do you like to wake up in the morning to glance on the wonderful blue water of the Atlantic Ocean, through your floor-to-ceiling windows, while you are sipping on your orange juice and biting on your croissant?

Let’s explore the place. I’ll be your guide.

If your budget allows,you surely are a candidate to purchase an ocean front Sunny Isles Condo. On Collins Avenue, you will definitely find this ultra-luxury building, with endless amenities, tennis, racquetballs, pools, saunas, fitness centers, you name it.
Starting in Golden Beach, look South at the Ocean Condos. They are some of the most appreciated buildings, built gradually since 2000. Ocean One, Ocean Two, Ocean Three, and about half a mile South, Ocean 4, are the first to come to my mind. They are just wonderful buildings.

Right across the street, the Oceanview Condos and Ocean Reserve condo conversion present you with more affordable alternatives, albeit lacking the direct ocean views and being only refurbished buildings from the 70’s.

Continue your walk South, and if you would still like to consider more affordable condos in Sunny Isles, what about the Kind David Condos, a 2005 building, with good amenities and well appointed apartments, just across the street from the beach.

You could also consider the Porto Bellagio Condos, (2003) around 171st Street, also on the opposite side from the beach.
What about the Golden Bay condos (1999)? They are a good value.

The Sole Condos are also a good alternative, right on the beach.
Also on the sand, the Sands Point built in 1996 is a great option.

I wouldn’t discard the Ocean Point Condos (2000) right between 173rd and 174th Street and Collins. They are a good compromise on luxury and location.

Let us talk now about some of the best condos in Sunny Isles, although not the newest.
I refer to the Pinnacle Condos with its peculiar shape, a great architectural landmark in Sunny Isles Beach. Great luxury has not been spared, marbles, Italian kitchen cabinets and bathrooms vanities, wonderful views through its floor to ceiling windows.
It is a 1998 building, but one of my favorites.

The Millenium Condos, built just in 1999 have some wonderful units with a frontal ocean view. It is also a high end building.

Le Meridien Condo Hotel, also known as M-Resorts, is a beautiful place, no doubt, if you like this modality.
Trump has built a few places in Sunny Isles. Let’s look at the Trump Palace Condos. Just completed, Trump luxury at its best.
Next to it, is the Trump Sonesta is a condo hotel with very upscale amenities.

La Perla Condos at 166th Street is on the sand. A 2006 building, some of the condos have good water views.

The Sayan Condos have just been delivered in 2007. At the 163rd. Street, they are a good value for your money if you are looking to walk on the beach without crossing the street.
Let me mention Oceania series of building. Located in the south end of Sunny Isles, the first three Oceanias, Oceania 1, Oceania 2 and Oceania 3, are located on the beach.

Oceania 4 and 5 are on the Oceania Island, across from Collins and the Beach.
They were built in the early 90’s. They could be a good midway between the most expensive Sunny Isles Beach condos and the budget condos built in the 70’s.

Talking of these older buildings, we have the Arlen House Condos on Bayview Drive, a couple of minutes walk from the ocean. Then I would like to mention the Winston Towers, a series of large structures on 174th Street, some of them with great views on the Intracoastal, docks and marina make it a good value if you can’t afford the newer condos.
They are conveniently priced and a good option for somebody who doesn’t mind walking 5 minutes to the Beach.

The Plaza of the Americas is another complex in the same kind.
You can also consider the Poinciana Island townhomes, across the street from the water. They have small 25 foot docks and you can have your own boat in your backyard.
And the Marina Bay Condos, a 12 floors structure, built not later than 2002 is also an intermediate solution.

By the way, I was just forgetting one of the most beautiful (and expensive) places in Sunny Isles. The famous Acqualina, a landmark. The Acqualina condos are some of the most expensive properties in Sunny Isles and the outside of the building is surely a statement.

Did I forget something? Of course, there are a few new developments, the Solis, a top-luxury place, the Jade Ocean, the St. Tropez on 163 Street, across the street from the water, and so many more are either on the drawing board or being completed.
Check my website: http://www.condo-southflorida.com and take a look.

I didn’t cover everything. But perhaps I gave you a good idea. Good luck in your search of a condo on the beach at Sunny Isles.