June 20, 2024

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Smart Corner – Downtown San Diego Condominium Tower – Let’s Take Another Look!

This building completed in 2007 has processed through several stages and has finally emerged as a value worth a second glance. While Smart Corner has seen more than its share of issues, it now is catching some attention as a strong candidate in the below 500K range. The recent auction set the benchmark for incredibly low pricing and they seemed to have added functions that address inherent problems connected to their trolley station location.

The building consists of 19 stories and 301 condos including studios, one and two bedroom homes. The most fascinating feature is the 20th floor rooftop terrace which has barbecue and SPA and amazing views. This building applies the Smart Growth principles of urban planning, tying together mass transit (Trolley), service providers (7 -11 and fast food) and the San Diego CORE location near education facilities.

A primary objection for this building has been the safety of its residences which has now been addressed by the installation of a high tech visual security system. This system provides camera and speakers which are placed appropriately in several locations on the ground floor. The camera is manned by off site personnel 24/7.

If the off site personnel notice any unusual activity or loitering, the speaker system is initiated and tells the individual to move along. The off site personnel also have access to the SDPD and will notify them immediately of a problem. With pricing in the 200K to 500K range and HOA dues from $480 per month this product looks like a viable candidate for first time homebuyers.