June 16, 2024

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Property Tax Attorneys

Property tax is the tax that property owners must pay for their land. Property to be taxed is appraised for its value, and the property tax is calculated on that basis. Disputes arise when the property is seen to have been wrongly appraised, or the ownership and tax liability is under contention. It is a property tax attorney’s job to resolve such disputes with the tax authorities and represent the owner in case of legal proceedings being initiated.

A property tax attorney is experienced in the matter of tax appraisals and can advise you if the property appraisal is seen to be arbitrary or discriminatory. This can save you from paying excess tax that was calculated on a ‘flawed’ basis. He can guide you through the laws relating to exemptions, rebates, tax laws in case of inheritance, tenancy, lease agreements and other kinds of issues related to ownership of property.

Sometimes disputes might arise between joint owners, or the owners and an external party over tax liabilities. The job of the property tax attorney is to negotiate such disputes on behalf of his client.

Property tax attorneys have clients ranging from large multinational companies to industrial units, supermarket chains, office complexes, residential complexes, and small stores. Even unique cases of property tax or property ownership are handled by expert property tax lawyers.

Most new property owners, senior citizens, and certain other sections of people are not aware that they qualify for tax rebates. A property tax attorney looks at all tax laws to see how they can be used to get rebates and exemptions for a property owner.

Property tax laws are concerned with laws relating to inheritance and ownership. A property tax attorney must also be knowledgeable about property inheritance laws for spouses, and non US citizens. If property is of considerable value, then it is always a good idea to engage a property tax attorney who can advise on issues relating to taxation.