June 21, 2024

Fryer And Brown

Creating Your Dream Home

Preparing For Your Home Improvement Project

It starts innocently enough. Perhaps you notice the panelling is buckling a bit, and decide to take it down and paint the walls. That was three months and two rooms ago. Now your garage is filled with building materials, supplies, and borrowed tools for your home improvement projects.

You can save a bundle of money and increase the value of your home with some effort and planning. Here are some considerations to make before you or your contractors begin home improvement projects in earnest.

* Identify each component of your renovation. Determine what tasks you can accomplish on your own. List the tasks that will require a contractor or sub contractor. Decide if there are facets that can be done by an experienced handyman or with their assistance.

* You must know if you will pay as you go and do all the work yourself or hire professionals on a case by case basis. You may want to explore the pros and cons of a home equity loan. In creative cases some home owners borrow from a relative with a favorable interest rate.

* Do your own analysis; consult with a real estate professional or residential appraiser to gauge the value your actions will have on the home. Most people will sell their home rather than live in it for thirty years. Part of your planning should account for how potential buyers will view your remodeling.

* Play well with others? The moment eventually arrives when you will have to work with professionals or vendors to complement your home improvement skills. Take some time to learn what you should know when working with outside contractors.

* Plan to save. Before you pick up a hammer, nail down all the areas that will allow you to save funds. Identify ways to leverage supply store credit cards, find discounts, negotiate for free delivery, ask about free installation, and always ask if a particular item is scheduled for an upcoming sale. Find out if your contractor is eligible for a discount that you do not qualify for yourself.

* Permit me to suggest. The lack of proper permits can lead to costly delays or even require you to start over. Various permits are required for home projects and can some time to acquire. Make sure you know every requirement and timeline before you start. Ask lots of questions.

* Think safety and cleanliness. Be aware that old paint, insulation, and wiring can contain harmful materials. Know what possible contaminates might be lurking inside your home before you turn it into dust. Safety gear is not limited to masks, gloves, ear protection. Keep your area clean and tools safe.

Proper planning for every home improvement project will save time and money. Your thoughtful approach can avoid a remodeling nightmare while you create your dream home.