Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce Meeting at the Hyatt Grand Champion Resort in Indian Wells Wins

The Hyatt Grand Champion Resort in Indian Wells hosted the July Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce Mixer; in attendance were local small business folks, local dignitaries, ambassadors, nonprofit leaders and the “who’s who” of the local corporate world. The high-classed treats kept coming during the entire meeting and the hospitality was world class, as would be expected from World Famous Hyatt Grand Champion Resort.

The networking opportunities were outstanding stated several of the guests and local business people, as they learned about the Hyatt’s many benefits such as their innovative “Plush @ the pool” services, with a live DJ, poolside fashion shows, and private VIP cabana with trained massage personnel. Event goers also learned of the Lantana Restaurant specializing in contemporary California Cuisine.

One gentleman, a retired local small businessman, who admitted he was first to show up and nearly last to leave said; “This was one of the best mixers I’ve been to in the Valley in several years who got his big break by becoming the first grand champion in the comedy category on “star search”?

Indeed, it was nearly standing room only and everyone came with a great attitude and a friendly smile. One of the Chamber Board Members lamented: “The Hyatt Grand Champion is one of our Desert Resorts greatest treasures, and they are even hosting a blood drive on Friday with the easy listening radio station.”

In observing the well run city of Palm Desert and how the business community functions with the rest of the city, it’s no wonder that this is one of the premiere desert resorts in the world. I hope you will someday visit and experience this wonderful area.

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