June 16, 2024

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Kenya Beach Safari – Explore The Hidden Secrets Of The Historic Lamu Island

Lamu Island is part of the Lamu archipelago. This Island has a mystical appeal and is very rich in culture and history.

How to get there:

You could drive, take a bus or fly in. Highly recommended would be to fly in. Given that it is an island, you would need to take a short boat ride into the island.

Where to stay:

There is a selection of budget houses, hotels and lodges. The best ones are those facing the waterfront. December, January, July and August are the busiest months and thus more expensive times to visit. Six recommended places to stay are;

Budget Guest Houses:

  • Alipenda Guest House
  • Balgis Guest House
  • Casuarina Rest House

Lodging and Hotels:

  • Amu House
  • Dodo Villas
  • Petleys Inn
  • Yumbe House

Things to do in Lamu:

a) Explore Lamu Town

Lamu town is small and beautiful. It lakes less than a day to get through the whole of it. Ancient buildings, magnificent architecture and simplicity are the best way to describe this town.

In relation to architecture, the buildings are made of stone and are built in an open, topless box like design, with an open courtyard. The houses are on two to three floors and they face each other. The cellings are supported by huge mangrove tree logs.

Lamu has no cars. Only donkeys. It has narrow streets and everyone seems to know each other. A walk down Lamu’s narrow streets is simply serene.

b) Lamu Museum:

Built in 1891, the Lamu Museum was the former residence of the British Governors during the colonial era. Here, you will experience and learn about the rich Swahili culture that is ever so evident in Lamu Town.

c) Take a Dhow Trip:

A dhow is a traditional Arab sailing vessel with one or more lateen sails. It is primarily used along the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula, India, and East Africa. Dhow trips are the ultimate experience on a trip to Lamu. They are relatively inexpensive and you can go as far as Manda Island, Takwa Ruins or Matondoni.