It’s Attack Of The Killer Pink Cell Phones!

Everywhere you look, you see a pink cell phone of some sort it seems. The pink cell phone style may have first become popular with the covers or the face plate that were quickly available, no one can tell when naming a business ideas the fad exploded. One thing for sure is for those pink lovers out there, there are options.

Companies that provide the pink

The infamous Paris Hilton has been seen around town with a heavily jeweled pink phone all too often, as well as Lindsay Lohan. How did they get their special pink cell phones? Companies such as , specialize in customizing the cell phone fully to the customers request. Many other companies offer such services at a variety of prices and availability. Pink cell phone “jewelers” work can most likely be quickly located online for most purposes. All of the major and minor cell phone distributors offer a range of colors in their products, pink being almost a definite.

Do it yourself

Now for of us that are more simple, you can design your own pink cell phone with the help of the endless supply of accessories. Pink accessories are everywhere now, you can buy covers, holsters, even a ring tone by Pink may just make your fascination with pink complete. For an easier customization you could buy pink frilly hair bows and attach them around the antenna, or even pink stickers, that can be purchased at any store most likely. Even if your favorite color is pink, you don’t have to go broke trying to bling out your cell phone the way you want it.

To go pink or not to, that is the true question

So is a pink cell phone right for you? A pink cell phone is obviously more visible than a black one or most any other cell phone color. Do you really want to stand out among a crowd? Could you stand to look at a pink cell phone for days on end, or would you rather have something you can change often and mold it to who you are at that moment? Ask yourself these questions before committing to a cell phone that you’re stuck with.

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