June 16, 2024

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Internet Marketing Strategies – Yes, For the Real Estate Market

It doesn’t matter whether you are a real estate agent, mortgage broker, loan officer, or have some other important job within the real estate market, you need people -potential clients- to know you exist. Half of the battle in earning commissions, closing deals, and selling homes or mortgages is finding people to buy them and that’s where marketing comes into play.

Marketing doesn’t have boundaries

You may not consider yourself a marketing expert and might scoff at the notion of some its methods, but the bottom line is if you want to be successful -at any level- in the modern business structure, you need to market yourself and you need to be somewhat aggressive in your marketing approach. And although most of what this industry does takes place on the visceral plane, in real time, in person, the Internet is still becoming increasingly important to any businessperson’s success.

Internet marketing strategies are not solely for young, ambitious -though some would say misguided- kids looking to become rich through affiliate programs. They are for anyone who wants to build a significant online presence, whether for personal or professional reasons. Internet marketing strategies entails a host of options, and benefits, for those that are willing to put in some effort.

What can a successful Internet presence do for you?

One of the most popular questions asked when it comes to Internet marketing strategies, especially from those within this field, is what can the Internet do for them that traditional marketing can’t? The easiest answer is that every year more and more people are turning to the Internet for almost all of their consumer needs. That includes finding a home.

No, that doesn’t mean that these same individuals will shop online for a home, do a few ‘virtual’ tours of homes they are interested, and then make an offer. The bulk of the real estate process is still managed person-to-person in live contact, but the initial phases of these searches generally begins on the Internet. So, logic would stand to reason that if more and more people are turning to the Internet for their initial searches, to whet their palette or test the waters, that they will also find the agents to represent them through the Internet.

If you have a web presence but don’t market it through any number of Internet marketing strategies, then your presence on the World Wide Web will go largely unnoticed. People will find you through search engines, most likely, like Google or Bing or Yahoo.

How do you market effectively on the Internet?

There are numerous Internet marketing strategies that you can use. Many are free of charge, but will require time and effort on your part, or you can hire someone to do it for you. Others cost money and may be more effective. A combination of several different methods is generally the most effective and will drive the highest amount of traffic to your website, web page, or web presence.

Social networking has quickly become one of the most common, and popular, methods to market on the web. Facebook and Twitter are becoming vastly important to web-based businesses as they allow these businesses to connect with clients and potential clients directly, to keep them updated on offers, special events, and news and information that you create.

Blogging is also a key to success. Through blogs, we share more specific information about sales, changes in the law or government programs, and any subject that should be important to a homebuyer, whether he or she is new to the prospect. With blogging, you can also add targeted keywords to the text, which will help boost the blog page’s ranking based on those keywords. For instance, if you’re writing about ‘making an offer on a house,’ that could be your keyword phrase and if someone searches that phrase on Google, your page will come up higher on the ranking, increasing the chances that the person will find and read your blog.

The end result

When people surf to a page that you created and marketed, then you have won half the battle. They have found you. If the information you provide is professional, insightful, or connects to their needs at any level, the odds increase that they will contact you to represent them in their important home buyer, or selling, process. If people are searching on the Web for representatives, then it stands to reason that it’s time to get a web presence and also to invest in Internet marketing strategies so these clients can find you.