July 12, 2024

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Importance of Town Planning

Importance of Town Planning

For the construction of a new town, town planning is important art. Earlier towns were used to emerge by themselves. But now a proper planning has been done to avoid any problem in the future. A properly planned structure helps in utilising the land capability and it’s resources to its maximum.

For establishing a town it is necessary to select a site. To select a site a proper land survey is required. This survey includes the selection of area which is most suitable for the residential. Environment, location nearby to city, connecting distance with the highways and all such things are considered during the selection. An enough space in large acres is required to establish a new town.

A properly planned structure helps in utilising the land capability and it’s resources to its maximum. Now-a -days all of us are so much busy that we do not want to run here and there for any other things. Either these are schools, hospitals, market, parks etc., everybody seeks to it that all the facilities are in most nearby locations. The designing includes all these things.

. The designing is done by the team of experts. As it requires a mixture of art and science, therefore this unit includes surveyors, engineers, architectures and consultants. They all work to develop an organised plan. Drainage system, road construction, water facilities, electricity grids, transportation facility, all are important factors which are kept in mind while construction. In fact all measures are taken for protection of town from natural changes like earth-quakes, and floods. Architectures and planners design the map in such away that the available space is used in the best way. And all systems can be located within the same location. Consultants provide the initial town planning advice, so that the project can be taken ahead smoothly. And give their services time to time for its smooth and rapid development.

No town will prosper if it is not meeting with the expectations of people. Therefore the planning should be creative enough which can attract the attention of public. This beauty along with all facilities fulfills the feeling of civic pride among people. And purpose of these towns to give improve quality of life is also solved.

If planning is not done then houses may emerged before installation of electricity grids and water supply systems. Hospitals can be raised at the unapproachable area and industries may raise before installation of the transportation system. And it is important to keep in mind that town planning is not limited to the development of streets and civic amenities. It’s motto shall be encompassing all the facilities with aesthetic surroundings and to provide the better standards of living to the people.