June 20, 2024

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Hunting Lease, Alabama – Converting Paper Company Land To Hunting Grounds

With more than 600,000 acres of public land in Alabama for the hunter to use, one would think the hunter could have his choice of where to hunt. While it’s true that he does have the choice, the pickin’s might not be very good. Oftentimes public land is over-harvested, and dangerous; so many hunters flock to this land for hunting season, it can be hard to enjoy the experience safely. But with a little research the hunter looking for land to hunt in Alabama has another option; paper company leases.

Paper companies have recently realized the demand for quality hunting land and a lucrative side business has emerged. There is a plethora of land owned by paper companies in the state of Alabama. These companies are often very willing to lease their land to hunters of hunt clubs; it allows them to make some money on the side, and also control the deer population. Currently, there are more than twenty paper companies owning dozens of different parcels of land that may be available for the hunter to lease if he asks.

While many paper companies used to allow their land to be used as public hunting grounds, many have switched over to the hunting lease for two reasons; they are able to make more money off of the lease, and they have more control over the amount of hunters using their land. To locate paper company land for lease, do some research on the internet and locate a few in the areas you are interested in hunting. Get in touch with the company and speak to someone in the public affairs department. If the company has already leased their land to another hunt club, ask them how long the lease is for; if it’s only for another year or two ask if you can be put on the wait list for it.

While the forestry land available for lease is slowly dwindling because of current leases, waiting lists are often a great option for the patient hunter. Within a few years the perfect land is bound to become available for your hunt club to use. During this time it’s also a good idea to be looking for private landowners as well with land available for lease. There are many options available to the patient hunter willing to do his research. Once he does find the right land for him, all the effort he’s put into it is sure to be worth it.