June 16, 2024

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Group Performance Appraisal

This articles include information that help you about group performance/evaluation method.

1. Select the appraisal criteria

Effort of the group contains a number of factors which can be assessed by the performance. Look for broad-range assessment standards when analysis the performance. Please review the standards that their improvement ensures the real economic interests.

2. Appraise results

The result appraisal should be meaningful and accurate, that is actually practical, because if you need, you can ask extra external people for their appraisals.

3. Measurement of the employee’s performance

Assess the progress of the entire group compared with the objective of the project, time plan, and finance.

Finance: actual cost; interest than expected.

Time: achievement compared with the work plan.

Quality: accuracy, customer satisfaction.

Evolution: contribution for community; ability.

4. Leadership

Assessing the effectiveness of the team leadership in supporting and guiding the team.

The administration: to achieve results as outlined plans

Assessment idea above: to achieve progress of the group.

Assessment idea below: To achieve the above targets.

Spirit: the opinions of the group, clients, those who are involved.

5. Sub-groups

Assessing the effectiveness of each sub-group according to the norms of the target.

The target: the actual results compared to targets.

Quality: opinions of internal assessment.

Client: The opinions of our customers.

Improvement: estimate future results.

6. Team members

Assessing the contribution of individuals to the entire group plan implementation.

Productivity compared to targets

Testimonials: from superiors, colleagues and customers.

Self-appraisal: in comparison with peers.

Other values: have the extra contribution or not; sense of responsibility.