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Getting Your Autographed Celebrity Photos Appraised

Getting Your Autographed Celebrity Photos Appraised

At some point, anyone who owns an autographed celebrity photo has considered having it appraised to learn the overall value, whether it be out of curiosity, or whether it be because you are considering selling the autographed photo. The problem is, a lot of people don’t even know where to begin when it comes to having a photo appraised.

Before having your photo appraised, which will usually cost you money, you should make sure that the photo in question has an actual authentic autograph on it. When having a photo appraised they will look into the authenticity of the signature. However, if you want the appraisal to move along quickly and not take more time than you are willing to put into it, you should seriously make sure that the autograph on your celebrity photo is one hundred percent authentic before taking it to be appraised. You will also want to bring a certificate of authenticity with you.

The best place to begin, once you are sure that your photo is authentic, is to search out certified appraisal agencies that have a proven record and good reputation. Most people will begin by contacting local appraisal services. However, when it concerns photos of celebrities you should consider seeing an entertainment specialist. If possible, you may wish to take a trip in order to discover the actual worth of your photo. Major entertainment appraisal experts are based in California.

However, you may be able to find a local appraisal agency in your area which specializes in entertainment memorabilia. Still, before you have a photo appraised by anyone, you should look into the appraisal service. The best place to start is with the Better Business Bureau. Contact them with the name and location of the appraisal service you are planning to use. They will be able to tell you if that service has ever been reported as not being honest or reliable. They can also tell you if it has received high marks from consumers.

To determine the exact worth of your autographed celebrity photo, you should have it appraised by more than one service or person. Some appraisal services have been known to quote lower than actual worth prices in order to attempt to purchase the photo from you, and then turn it over at a higher cost. Therefore, you should always have your photo appraised by multiple agencies to make sure you are getting the same, or close to same numbers.

When having your autographed photo appraised you will also want to make sure that you get the appraisals in writing. This is important when attempting to sell the photo. Most buyers will want to see proof of the worth of the object before making a purchase. If you are just getting the appraisal for your own knowledge, you will want to consider doing this yearly. All entertainment memorabilia increases or decreases in worth over time.

It is vitally important to always have your photo of the celebrity appraised, and to also protect your photo from any damages.