June 21, 2024

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Fresh Spring Wedding Colors – Tangerine and Lime

Every great wedding starts with a great design. It does not have to be a particular theme; a color combination can serve as your inspiration for your wedding. One of the freshest color combinations for weddings this spring is tangerine and lime.

“Tangerine and lime?”, you may be thinking, “do those even go together?”. Aah, but they do. Imagine the look of a bowl of fresh citrus fruit, and you will see how well these two contrasting colors in fact complement one another. They will add a modern and exuberant feel to any spring or summer wedding.

You can use tangerine and lime together in so many aspects of your wedding. An ideal way to tie them together is to choose prints or designs that feature both colors. Stripes and polka dots are in keeping with the lighthearted feeling of bright citrus colors. You can also go more sophisticated with a chic scroll pattern in lime and tangerine. Round out your color palette with a crisp white.

When you are using a consistent color duo throughout your wedding, you can even get away with mixing and matching different prints and patterns. For instance, why not use lime and tangerine scroll patterned napkins over a tablecloth striped with tangerine, lime, and white? The effect will be eclectic, to be sure, but in a really cool way. If you are going out on a limb by choosing a non-traditional color palette, you can allow yourself the freedom to go a little crazy and have fun with your design.

Lime and tangerine can also be great for your bridesmaid dresses. To keep the look soft when using such strong colors, choose sheer fabrics like organza or chiffon. For an outdoor wedding, a tangerine colored tea length dress would look fantastic when tied with a lime sash at the waist, almost like a refreshing citrus drink on a warm day. To complete the effect, you can have bridesmaid jewelry custom made in your wedding colors. A sprinkling of lime and tangerine Swarovksi crystals will add just the right amount of color to strands of pearl bridesmaid jewelry.

Since lime and tangerine are colors that are pulled from food, it would be a great idea to include the actual fruits in your reception. You can set up big glass pitchers with limeade, tangerine juice, and lemonade at the venue (again, this would be especially nice for an outdoor wedding). A unique way to incorporate the citrus fruit would be to fill clear tall cylinders with the limes and tangerines submerged in water. Use this as a base for your floral centerpieces in shades of white with lime and tangerine accents.

Once you get going, you will find countless ways to use your wedding color scheme, from invitations to favors and more. Tangerine and lime is one of the most fresh and contemporary color palettes to use for weddings this spring and summer. The cheerful citrus colors will make your wedding even more festive.