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Fast Facts on Four Color Printing and Its Advantages

Fast Facts on Four Color Printing and Its Advantages

Wouldn’t life be dreadful if it were merely black and white, shaded with a bit of gray in betweens?

Fortunately, life has been enriched and endowed with wonderful colors. There are colors with different shades and tonalities. There are objects which singularly possesses that color alone. Such that these colors have even become identified by its association to the object it is particularly present.

Blue for instance does not encompass the sea alone. There is sky blue, turquoise, lapis lazuli, azure, Prussian, cobalt, ultramarine and so on.

Colors play an important part in enriching our perception of the world. Colors visually stimulate us and attracts. This aesthetic element can be found everywhere. From clothes to prints, colors give things more vibrancy and energy,

Four color printing recreates the vibrancy of images captured in our designs unto prints. Printing uses four color printing, integrated in its printing processes, to reproduce the images and give it integrity.

Four color printing achieves a range of colors and shades using only four colors or inks in the printing process. Also known as CMYK color process printing, the abbreviation stands for the colors of inks used, namely cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Black is represented by the letter K for it is coined as the key color.

In order for four color printing to capture a spectrum of colors, the colors are printed separately and in varying degrees of saturation. Such that colors or inks will be layered atop another in order to recreate that colors of the image on file.

Black is used alongside these colors for it provides better contrasts and helps define the outline of the image. In other words, the colors or the image would appear muddy or messy without the color black.

Added to this, black saves a significant amount of ink in printing. If the three remaining colors were the only ones used to produce the black color, then it would take a lot of ink just to create the intense color black.

Now, four color printing is available to all print materials and is enjoyed by many. Colors are then manipulated to produce varying effects that can be striking, pleasing to the eyes or both.

There are color schemes and techniques used by graphic artists or designers in order to construct an artistic, aesthetic effect using colors.

There are dark on light color scheme that uses dark colored text on a light background. The opposite of this is the light on dark color scheme that uses light colored text against a dark background.

The dark on light color scheme is commonly seen and is almost a default way of printing, like in newspaper prints and the like. The light on dark color scheme produces a more striking appeal as the whole background is submerged in color.

Other color formats include identifying warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors such as yellows, oranges and reds, communicate and give off various impressions that can suggest excitement, empathy and passion.

Cool colors like blues, purples and greens emit a relaxing and calm undertone to any images. Knowing how to place colors beside or along each other also helps create a 3 dimensional effect on your prints. This is because cool colors appear to recede and contract, bringing the warm colors forefront.

Four color printing provides a lot of possibilities for graphic designers and for those who wish to wield prints and gain optimum results. With four color printing, you can easily manipulate and obtain the colors you want. It does not only create colorful prints, but it embodies a number of values that helps you reach out and communicate to your audience.