Effective Mice Control In Five Simple Steps

Are mice causing a menace in your house? Are they destroying furniture, food and clothing? You need to take active steps to remove them from your house. You can get companies that deal with effective mice control. In places like Denver, rodents play havoc in many households and so you need to employee the right ones for your job. There are some DIY steps for the initial counter-measures. Here are a few suggestions in that regards pest control auckland

Step 1

Do a thorough clean up

The first step is to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your house. Store food in containers and do not leave any food lying around. Make sure to sweep the floors and keep them clean and devoid of any food particles. Ensure you dispose garbage in bins with lids.

Step 2

Use poison baits

Mix poison in tiny quantities of food and place them in corners of the house. Since mice like nibbling on food, when they nibble at this food they will be poisoned. Using these baits you can kill a number of mice at a time. However, it takes a longer time to control them with this method.

Step 3

Set traps

Since mice are very curious and are always in search of food, you can lay traps alongside walls and places where there is a lot of activity by mice. These traps set in the correct places help catch a lot of mice.

Step 4

Mouse proof your house

Mice have very flexible bones and can enter your house through a hole that is quarter of an inch wide. It is wise to block all openings which serve as entries for these mice. Thus, you can keep them from entering your house.

Step 5

Observe inside and outside your house

Once you are able to drive mice out of your house and are able to kill the ones that were in, successfully, it is time to do the next job. It is time for you to monitor your surroundings constantly so that you can terminate them as soon as they reappear.

If nothing works and you still see mice running around your home it’s a good idea to call for expert help. For effective mice control, Denver residents can log on to Ace Pest Control Inc. They have all the requisite experience for effective mice control.

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