June 20, 2024

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Coworking: The Third Generation Work Space

Typically, we will link an office environment with work. That means, if you are a working adult and you have to go to work, where will your office be?

In the last 5 years or so, we started to hear about many Work From Home jobs or opportunities. So, instead of travelling to work, people could work from wherever they are – including from their bedroom, kitchen, living room, cafés, etc.

The freedom of working from home or at cafés are limited to having access to a fully functional office space when you need it.

Coworking Space is the third generation work place.

Coworking space provides a shared working environment that is well-equipped with office facilities such as working desks and chairs, printing station, meeting rooms, high-speed and stable internet broadband connection and a receptionist, if you need one.

It is not a usual office environment where the people around you (aka colleagues) are employed by the same employer. At a coworking space, you get coworkers, and not colleagues because those people who work together with you are working individually for their respective companies.

The advantages of third generation working space are:-

1. Building of a community of independent workers – that means, you will work alongside a group of self-motivated people who do not need instructions from other people on what needs to get done for the day. (The only boss present at a coworking space is you. You are your own boss there. Your coworkers are not employed by the same employer, remember?)

2. A channel for great discussions to take place. Creativity flourish when limits are being removed. Ideas can be bounced off from different coworkers who may be from different cultural background, industry background, skills, etc.

3. A place for knowledge transfer. One of the beauty of a coworking space is that it allows people from diverse background to share their skills and experience with fellow coworkers who are there to learn and grow together as a community. There is a saying that says, “The more you teach, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more money you make.”

In short, coworking space is a good alternative work space as our work load becomes more and more remote for certain industries. In today’s office environment, most functional organisations are not necessarily in-house in order to make the organization more effective in its operations.

What drives businesses today is the ability of companies to collaborate with different companies who can do things on a bigger scale and using lesser resources.

That is why this third generation working space is flexible, easily adaptable and fast growing. You have to experience coworking at least once in your life to find out how it feels to work with a bunch of unknown and unrelated coworkers.