June 21, 2024

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Corporate Travel In Gurgaon

Travel has become a common buzzword for all the people now-a-days and the word corporate travel has come up as new adaptation in travel industry.

So first of all I must define the meaning a well as significance of corporate travel. As we know that the entire world is trading over common platform leading to a global village (Internet penetration is one of the main cause for such an independent trading). So an entrepreneur is always thinking about expanding his/her business in various parts of the globe, this is also due to severe competition in the corporate world for establishing their Global identiy. In this regard a company/corporate executives have to travel abroad to establish, maintain and market their businesses in global markets.

This article focuses the corporate travel industry in Gurgaon, India. Gurgaon usually called as Electronic city and is just next to Bangalore in terms of Corporate establishments. Almost 50{bc081577d937b036760250a838c458dd2cdabe6c805de7ee78ca03a8e3da3931} of all fortune IT outsourcing companies has established their IT parks, pharmaceutical companies in Gurgaon, this is mainly due to cheap and talented pool of labour in Delhi and Gurgaon, also about 25 International BPO’s (Call centres) are running at smooth scale in Gurgaon. This includes MNC’s like IBM, Convergys, GE, Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Google Inc., Yahoo Inc, eBay Inc. etc. So there are frequent visits of the MNC’s executives in Gurgaon, one of the reason for MNC’s to establish their corporates in Gurgaon is its distance from New Delhi (the capital of India). As a matter of real estate crisis it becomes very difficult for the hotels to upgrade their premises. Also the hotels are mostly inclined to their travel agents so getting the room at the stipulated time is now a big problem. So to overcome this problem several 5-star rated guest houses have been made to meant the upcoming demands for corporate travelers in Gurgaon. Guest house accommodation are usually for short term but the service is in no way less than a five star hotel. Mostly we found that the high profile hotels are unable to serve its clients / travelers due to inadequate staff or extreme work pressure but this is not the case with guest houses, as they are purely meant for hospitality purposes.

Also the guest houses surpass over their counterparts hotels in terms of pricing, though the major corporates are generally millionaires and billionaires but still the niche corporates could not afford for frequent stay in hotels, so the guest houses are the best alternative for them. Also the homely services offered at guest houses are very much required and appreciated. Regarding food the guest houses provide the cuisines from several nations including Thai, Chinese, continental, Indian foods. Now comes the point of security, corporate executives’ security is a matter of grave concern, in this regard Gurgaon is of the of the safest city in India, also there is vigilance of watch guards all around the IT parks 24X7 making it less prone to crime, kidnap or theft.

Besides this what made Gurgaon as a travel hub for corporates is its adjoining city New Delhi, being the capital of India, New Delhi is historic city with several historical monuments including Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Lotus Temple etc. So a stay is not just for work any executive could enjoy and make his / her business trip into a luxury tour. Not only Delhi, Gurgaon has too itself became a hotspot for travelers, several resorts, motels & parties. Now-a-days Ayurvdic Massage has become a craze for foreign travelers in Gurgaon, it renders immense comfort to the body (Ayurveda is an ancient medication phenomenon use to cure body ailments through natural herbs), so if you are planning your trip to Gurgaon don’t miss it.

Now I must mention some of the geographical units and how to visit Gurgaon and where to stay and accommodate yourself.

Gurgaon is located at 28.47° N 77.03° E and has an elevation of about 220 metres. It is is less than 10 Kilometers from Indira Gandhi International Airport, also the city is connected to NH4 (National Highway leading to major cities like Mathura and Agra). Taxis and cabs are found at all major stations. Tour guide and map are available at all metro stations and airports.