July 14, 2024

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Christopher Lowell Office Furniture Is Functional And Stylish

Christopher Lowell Office Furniture Is Functional And Stylish

Christopher Lowell is wild about design and is a great believer in using what you’ve already got and adding just a few of the many simple designer tricks that’s he’s been using for years. He’s written a number of books and produced many videos using his simple ideas for incorporating every day pieces of furniture into designs that are amazing, yet simple to achieve even by the most inexperienced home interior designer. He designs rooms knowing only too well about the modern lifestyle and Christopher Lowell office furniture falls into that niche.

From small rooms Christopher can show you how to use every inch of space, which will utilize much needed storage and look great at the same time. His line of office furniture is no different. In a home office he will show you how to plan and execute a complete redesign that culminates in a comfortable, efficient and good looking home office that you will be proud to say you completed in less than a couple of days. Change the color with some high quality Christopher Lowell paint, and your visitors will then you paid a designer to come in – it’s up to you whether you ‘fess up!

He doesn’t just say “do this, that and then get one of these” – he actually tells you where you can get all the items he uses in his designs – and they are not from obscure and hard to find places. This saves a lot of time and gas, time you can be spending completely renovating that cluttered old office or bedroom.

With the Christopher Lowell office furniture line, you will find high quality and durable modular furniture that fits together easily – you can configure your home or business office exactly the way you want it to be. After all your office is different from everyone else’s, and your business is different, so why wouldn’t you choose furniture that fits exactly in with what you do?

Seven out of ten Americans live in homes that are cluttered with stuff. If things aren’t kept in an orderly fashion, they get lost and broken. Christopher’s aim is to get everyone organized. For the home office it’s even worse – all those household and business papers, gadgets that only get used occasionally, the tax papers, the brochures and files that must be stored, even if they’re only looked at once a year. Christopher can get it all organized for you. A clean desk is no longer the sign of a sick mind – it’s a sign that you’ve been paying attention to Christopher and have already installed some of the beautiful and practical Christopher Lowell office furniture.

His products can be found in many major stores, such as Office Depot. Check out one his Mini Solutions workstations, ideal for a small office or a perfect place for a student to work in a bedroom. There’s plenty of room above for books, CDs, software, DVDs and a few knick-knacks and a worktop that is large enough for a full sized computer or a laptop, with room left over to write. At around $150, you just can’t go wrong – that’s cheaper than a used desk and you don’t have to paint it!

If you have a larger space and you work from home, take a look at a Christopher Lowell Shore Executive Desk. With a top area of 66″ x 30″, there’s plenty of room to work and some left over. It can be purchased for under $300 and with its rustic cherry or antique black finish; it will fit in with just about any d├ęcor. Christopher Lowell office furniture is sure to please.