June 16, 2024

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Cheapie Ways to Stretch Your Dollar in the Bathroom

Decorating or re-decorating your bathroom does not have to cost you your entire savings, or your whole paycheck. You can find creative ways to renovate one of your home’s most-used rooms for a fraction of what you may think it would cost.

Useful Bathroom Re-Decoration Tips

You can find plenty of timeless decorative items at thrift stores, rummage sales, and online stores. Items people have found to accent their bathroom include one or more of the following: brass toilet paper holders, tissue holders, hanging shelves, towel racks, and shower curtains.

If you do not like the color of your bathroom tile you can find paint that is especially made for porcelain materials at your local hardware store. You might even be able to find out if you can repaint your toilet as well which would save you even more money.

Beware that you will need to sand it before you attempt to paint any porcelain fixture. You will also want to take precaution by testing the paint in an inconspicuous area of the fixture you want to change the color of. is advisable to test the paint in an inconspicuous area of the time you want to change.

If you want to somehow update your outdated bathroom color scheme you can do so without ripping the entire bathroom apart. For instance, sometimes if you add the smallest change, such as wallpaper border that blends with the two or more colors of your bathroom.

You can also accent the outdated color scheme by purchasing inexpensive modern bathroom decor. For instance, you can buy a toothbrush cover, soap dish, tissue holder, or framed picture to hang in this beloved room of your home.

Perhaps if you want a change paint the walls of your bathroom to compliment your cabinets, sink, or bathtub if they are a different color. Similarly, you can use colored rugs that coordinate or contrast with the rest of the colors of your fixtures.

One recommendation for painting in your bathroom that would not take much work or money would be the “in” color Terra Cotta. It is one that is more popular now. You could possibly use various texturing techniques to combine a new color over the top of the old color if your walls are still in prime condition.

If you have a very, very, old and ugly shade of green, yellow, gold, orange, or similar color you could try for a certain theme. For instance, you might want to try a tropical theme, and perhaps you can find a palm tree border.

You can take care of rust problems on fixtures such as towel bars with a special cleaner. Before you know it they will be like new again. Rust-o-leum paint is one of the most current recommendations, and they are coming out with brand new colors now.

Another easy way to add some life to your stale bathroom is to purchase stencils and special craft paints. In fact, one experience indicates certain craft paints are removable from tile just by applying a razor blade (something to try at your own risk, especially if you rent).

The use of Deco-Stix or cling plastic accents is also used to decorate tiles. These are also very easily removable if you want to change the theme for various holidays, seasons, or special occasions.

The easiest way to recover a mix-up bathroom that includes all kinds of mismatched colors is to add a multi-colored rug that includes all the same colors. It will cleverly look like your bathroom is supposed to be crazy like it is.

The above-mentioned ideas should get you started. If you are still cannot decide on what inexpensive measures you can take to re-decorate your bathroom take some time to view samples of bathroom themes.Home improvement websites and do-it-yourself magazines often feature various rooms of the home you are interested in changing. You can even find instructions on how to carry out the change you would like to implement in your bathroom interior theme.