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Buying Used Office Furniture – Cubicles Vs. Case Goods

Buying Used Office Furniture – Cubicles Vs. Case Goods

Buying used furniture is a smart choice for many companies. The furniture typically sells for pennies on the dollar and can be found in “like new’ condition. There are many different types and looks of office furniture but the budget usually determines the available choices.

Because offices are laid out in many different configurations, choosing the right type of furniture is imperative to utilizing the available space. Some furniture can hinder high traffic areas, and some just wastes a lot of space. There are offices that can barely fit 10 people because of the furniture layout. If the office only had different furniture, that was laid out properly, it would bepossible to comfortably fit 15 people and still have plenty of room to walk around.

Many people like the aesthetic appeal of case goods furniture. This is your standard desks, bookshelves, and file drawers. Case goods can look attractive but they only do well in private offices. Case good furniture typically offers very little privacy which is why it usually necessary to put them in an office that has a door. A lot of times a private office can be oversized and could comfortably fit 2-3 employees. The problem is that the lack of privacy makes this very unappealing to everyone involved.

A solution when buying used office furniture is to consider cubicles. Cubicles are like a self contained office. They can be stand alone, or connected to two or three other cubicles. The walls vary in height and can satisfy a call center with low walls, to an owner or manager with high walls. A private office that used to hold one employee, can now hold two or three employees thanks to cubicles. The walls of the cubicle help create an artificial private office.

A growing company can sometimes add employees without having to get a new office space. By changing just the furniture, it is possible to add up to 30{bc081577d937b036760250a838c458dd2cdabe6c805de7ee78ca03a8e3da3931} or more employees. This can save valuable capital dollars for the company wishing to expand in other directions.

The storage and efficiency of these cubicles make life very easy and organized. They typically come with overhead and below desk storage. The desk space is also a lot larger than most case good desks allowing more working space and the ability to not be cluttered. Cubicles also come with full power electricity wired into them. This allows for lights, computers, fax machines, copiers, and more to work just as effectively in a private office.

For those offices with big open spaces, cubicles are a must have to properly utilize the space efficiently. Thanks to the varying wall heights of cubicles, it is possible to create the perfect set-up depending on the situation. The ergonomic height selections allow for just enough privacy and just enough open space to not feel boxed in.

When you buy used cubes and case goods, you can save 70-80{bc081577d937b036760250a838c458dd2cdabe6c805de7ee78ca03a8e3da3931} off of the retail price. There are many companies who offer these good values around the country. Some companies will even come out to your office space and make a recommendation that will utilize the office space to the fullest extent. Most offices or parts of them will perform better with cubicles or case goods, but not both.