June 21, 2024

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Aventura Real Estate – Dealing With Low Appraisals

When planning to buy an Aventura real estate property, you have to be aware of the possibility of coming across low appraisals. These can happen in any type of marketplace: neutral, hot or cold. In order to properly handle such scenario, you have to equip yourself with valuable know-how on the subject of low appraisals.

Why Does A Low Appraisal Occur?

There are several reasons why low appraisals happen in the Aventura real estate indurstry. Here are some of them:

* The market values are declining as a result of a smaller number of potential buyers amid a bigger home inventory.

* The prices are artificially inflated because of multiple offers.

* The underwriter had incorrectly evaluated the value of the property.

* A great quantity of short sales and foreclosures in the neighborhood has resulted to such low appraisals as part of a domino effect, especially if no comparable sales are present.

* Every so often, sellers tend to overprice the value of their homes.

* Inexpert appraisers are sometimes incapable of understanding the influences on value.

How To Solve A Low Appraisal?

In case you come across a low appraisal for an Aventura real estate property, prevent yourself from getting flustered right away. Even though it’s really difficult to keep your cool when it looks as if the pending sale will crumble, there is still a silver lining to this tight spot.

* You can make up for the discrepancy in cash.

A lender will care about the appraisal of an Aventura real estate property only to the point where it has an effect on the loan-to-value ratio. Getting a low appraisal doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t obtain a loan. It just means that the lender will give you a loan based on the appraised worth of the property.

* The seller may consent to lowering the price.

This is often the best solution if an Aventura real estate property was overpriced or if the value was artificially inflated. Just keep in mind that the seller doesn’t hold a guarantee that he won’t get a low appraisal from the next buyer’s lender if you decide to walk out on the pending sale. So take a crack at asking the seller if he would be willing to lower the price. It’s definitely worth a try.

* Request a second appraisal.

To begin with, ask your lender to hand over a list of accredited appraisers. At times, the second appraisal will turn out to be higher than the first one, especially if the previous appraiser lacked experience or made a lot of errors in evaluation.

* Call off the deal.

A lot of purchase agreements include a so-called “loan contingency”. In case the appraisal for an Aventura real estate property comes in low, you may not meet the criteria to purchase the house based on the agreed-to conditions in the contract. Remember that a well-written loan contingency permits you to call off the deal and obliges the seller to give your good faith deposit back.

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