June 21, 2024

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Advantages Of Exterior Venetian Blinds

Previously, exterior shades were only placed in commercial buildings like storefronts and showrooms. They were used to enhance security rather than for aesthetic purposes. Today, they have been re-engineered and remodeled so exterior Venetian blinds are also being used in houses.


They are available in a variety of materials including metal, wood, aluminum and fabricated materials. They can be custom made to suit individual personal tastes and preferences. They can also be cut to fit precisely. Those that are to be used commercially such as over showrooms can be made of steel to also offer enhanced security. Steel blinds will usually be fashioned from stamped and pressed steel slats that have a membrane in between. The membrane gives them flexibility so that they can be rolled up.


These and other kinds of Venetian external shades are operable, meaning that they can be open and shut. One of the slats will have a handle that is built in for this. The blinds will have an upper and lower frame that reinforces them when they are shut. The heavy duty commercial ones will often be open and closed mechanically using a remote control.


Commercial ones can also be used as a medium of advertising. They can have a logo or other design imprinted on them. If the design is well done, a logo or other imprint appears seamless. Commercial ones will usually be finished with paint retardant that ensures graffiti cannot adhere on them when they are down. Most of them have a lock that is attached to the one that is on the doorway. The blinds can also be placed over wide doorways and a remote can be used to slide them into the required position.


The most popular kind of exterior Venetian blinds are those with beaded slats. They are made with advanced technology that makes them rust proof and long lasting. They also come in various colors and designs so they offer a lot of aesthetic value.

Guide Rails

There are also those with a cable that have a delicate design and a stack height that is small. The flat slat blinds with guide rails are another option. They have flat slats and guide rails and small stack heights that make it possible to greatly enhance the look of a home.


Obscuring shades are another alternative. These have Z-shaped slats that make them ideal for blacking out a room. The Z-shape facilitates tight slat closure and the plastic sealing at the front of the slats covers every gap so no light gets through.